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Comments (27)

Loved Final Goodbye, Awesome singing.
Anyways please respond to my pm. :)

Thank u, will do.

Wow, he sure did a good job: That's a sweet pic!
Looking forward to listening to more of your work! Thx again for your review. :)

xx Martin xx


i think that you can work on as many songs at once as you want but don't rush good things happen to thoese that wait

Very true, I like that saying.

uhhh....nice music :P

Thanks :p

Party :D
u sleep becouse the whisky?

I dont sleep, There aint enough time in the day as it is.

I like sex....ALOT

Shame u dont get any then

i think the left pal is you :D

I thin the left pal is drunk a little :)

ok :J
do you like chips?

There alright, why do you ask if I like chips though u mad head

I thot you were ded?!?!?!


Well your music is awesome for sure, but about steam I do fancy a game in steam.
But.. not Left 4 Dead, I haven't bought that game, and I think I won't because of the weapons and originality. Well I am not gonna fucking write a review about that game so.. I wanted to ask you if you would add me on steam: unr3ald4rk
So we might could kick ass on some other games as well? If you have atleast. :)
And yeah I do agree Ng is for kids, but it's atleast a site were you can show your skillz right? :O

plz read ur pm

arhh... you gotta remember that music on NG is made by... a lot of different people. Some of them have never made music in their life; although I geuss if this site isnt right for you, thats your decision...

Wait... you wrote a reveiw 3 hours ago and seemed pretty happy. Im not too sure but were you.. hacked? or are you just pissed off?

I just wanted to write one more review, your not a wank artist by the way so dont think I mean you, but I know the people out there who can't make music will be the ones that zerobomb...

They'll be no more songs from me on this site anymore, I'll still come on here and listen to yours and a few others though Snowblade :)

Hey buddy

Whats up chief

WAT?????? dude, your music rocks! and i was really looking forward to collabing! I stink and i dont give up, you rock and you do? srry but your weird and very put downy-ish.

wait a second.... you have 2009 subbmissions and this was posted like 7 months ago. whe did you start making music again?

I overwrite a post instead of creating a new one, I'll still listen to music on this site, I just won't be contributing any more onto it :)

I hope you dont quit your Audio is amazing if you spread the word more if you make a new song iam sure ull be top.

You never responded giving me the first part of Forever Missed... haha

Too bad your not posting anymore :(

Also, you know why there is worthless crap on the frontpage? Zeros. The mods haven't even done anything about it. There needs to be an actual music website. Anyone up for helping me create it :)

I am kinda tired of the system on this site too. I can find a lot of good music on this site that should belong in the top 30, but instead that top 30 is filled with crap. That's very sad :(

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